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"The Sands of Borrowed Time - Hazy Sun Days - the meek shall inherit the Earth ."https://t.co/LLGY8gmS34

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borrowed time

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​​The Sands of Borrowed Time
Hazy Sun Days
Jeffry Winters

Justin Bieber

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When two suns shine in the sky, mankind will fall...
It's easy to cover up truth amidst chaos...
Those who survived the supernova blast fight for survival, the Earth devastated, its ozone layer destroyed.
Dusty storms rule the days while the nights freeze, taking civilisation back to its knees.
Pockets of humans now exist in a dystopian society spread across the wilderness.
Friendships are difficult and just under the burning Sun, freedom uncertain as enemies lurk on the unforgiving highways.
Are these the struggles of a post-apocalyptic world or is something more sinister at work under the cover of misery and destruction?
Some are getting suspicious and one has seen a glimpse of the truth…
Will the meek inherit the Earth?

Tales of survival that explore what it means to be free.

Follow our main protagonist Kyla as she tries to understand what it means to be free
within the ruined cities and out in the harsh wilderness.  Breaking free from her guardians is her only chance for freedom and independence.  However, freedom comes at a price.

Is her destiny in her own hands or is there a hidden hand controlling her fate?

And what of the ship beached at White Cove Bay.  Does the captain have a secret to tell and will anyone believe him?

Also, the strange lights in the sky have a tale of their own to tell – but what are they?

Follow the intertwining fates of our protagonists as they as they slowly come to realize the veil that has been put over their eyes in this first instalment of the Sands of Borrowed Time...

© 2016 by Jeffry Winters. All rights reserved.

The Sands of Borrowed Time: Hazy Sun Days (Survival in the Wilderness - A Post- Apocalyptic Epic)